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Check SSC Result 2019 by SMS

It’s very easy to get your SSC Result 2019 from your Mobile phone simply. I have already have given below the Step by step Instruction.

After publishing the Results, Go to your Handset message option and follow the procedure given below:

  1. Write “SSC” and give a space.
  2. Write The First Three Letters of your Education Board. [Example: DHA for Dhaka Education Board.] and give a space. (All Education Boards First 3 letter has been given Below)
  3. Carefully write your Roll Number [Example: your SSC Exam Roll Number = 123456] and give a space.
  4. Now, write your Passing year 2019
  5. Check your full SMS Text and review.
  6. Now, Send the SMS/Message to 16222. That’s it!


SSC DHA 123456 2019 and Send to 16222

As an Example, we can explain that, Imagine you are an SSC Examine of 2019 under the Dhaka Education Board. Your SSC Roll number is 123456. Now if you want to get your SSC Exam Results 2019.

Just follow the Step in below:

SSC DHA 123456 2019 and Send the Message to 16222 from any Mobile you use.

HSC Result 2019 check with SMS

SSC Result 2019 Board short Name for Mobile SMS

To save your important times, we add here all the Education board in Bangladesh and its 1st three letters.

  • Dhaka Education Board = DHA
  • Chittagong Board = CHI
  • Comilla Board = COM
  • Technical Board = TEC
  • Madrasah Board = MAD
  • Jessore Board = JES
  • Rajshahi Board = RAJ
  • Sylhet Board = SYL
  • Dinajpur Education Board = DIN
  • Barisal Education Board = BAR

Check Dhakil Result 2019 Madrasah Board by SMS

For Madrasah Board Dakhil Result 2019 you have to write Dakhil and make space. First there letter of board MAD makes space. Write your board Roll number like 123456 make a space. Write 2019 to get Dakhil Result 2019 Madrasah Board and Finally send it to 16222.


Dakhil MAD 123456 2019 and send to 16222

Check SSC Vocational Result 2019 Technical Board by SMS

For the technical Board, SSC Vocational Result 2019 first have to write new message option SSC make a single space. Write Board First three letter TEC make a space. Write your Roll No. now like 123456 make a space. Write your exam year now in 2019. Finally, you can send it 16222 to get SSC Vocational Result 2019 BD.

The final look will be:

SSC TEC 123456 2019 and send to 16222
Published: Sep 20, 2019, 12:11 am

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